Why Artrageous?

Artrageous with Nate is an Emmy award winning video series that strives to educate and inspire creativity in middle-high school aged students through interactive lessons in art, science and history. Each episode focuses on the history of a renowned artist or innovator and their creativity, demonstrates relevant scientific principles and teaches viewers how to apply the interactive experience by creating their own pieces at home or school.

Art educator Nate Heck started Artrageous with Nate in 2010 in response to the growing number of student art program budgets being cut across the country. Although school administrators are aiming to bring focus to standardized testing, research by the Americans for the Arts shows that the arts actually improve test scores, increase college graduation rates and decrease teen delinquency.

However, even with the proven positive effects of the arts, we still see the art disciplines separate from science, math, and engineering.  This is why Artrageous seeks to show how creativity and innovation find it’s way into so many areas outside of the art room.  Our goal is not to necessarily create artists, but to show how important and transformative creativity and innovation are whether you are a doctor, designer, realtor, teacher, lawyer, leader, etc.

Simply put, if we want the best innovators we must teach the arts.


Artrageous with Nate‘s vision is to reach as many children, parents and teachers as possible in order to bridge this gap and foster a powerful generation of innovators. At this point, three episodes have been created and more than 100,000 kids and adults watched. We had support from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Eugene & Marilyn Glick FoundationChihuly Studio , Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, and many other companies, organizations and institutions throughout the country.


But we need your help to take our mission to the next level.

How You Can Help

Our team


 Nathan Heck

President/Founder, Executive Producer & Host

A natural teacher with a gift for engaging people of all ages, Nate has taught art and technology and inspired creativity through the use of multimedia for 13 years. He is passionate about the connections among art, history, science, and math. Until recently, he put that passion to work in classroom settings.

In an effort to combat the increasing number of arts programs being cut from schools, Nate founded Artrageous with Nate
in 2010. He has since produced three full episodes of his program and partnered with museums, universities, and organizations across the country, working to bring high quality art education to children, parents, and teachers around the world.

In 2014 Nate developed a companion series titled The Artist in Your Backyard, which focuses on the creators and innovators working throughout the states currently.

Nate has also worked in multimedia development, consulting, web design, and design and technology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education & Telecommunications from Ball State University and a Master’s in Educational Technology from Indiana University.  Nate also can hold his own in the kitchen and on a unicycle, however, not typically in tandom.



Clayton Taylor

Vice President of Production, WFYI-TV 

With 38 years in broadcast journalism, Clayton has served as a reporter, producer
and executive producer. Since arriving at WFYI in 2001, he has led a significant expansion
of WFYI Productions, upgrading the station’s production department dramatically increasing the growth of locally —originating programming. He has see about 30 local productions go into national distribution in recent years, and several more are in the pipeline. Since 2004, WFYI has received 177 Emmy Award nominations and 83 Emmys, including two consecutive wins for Station of Excellence in the Lower Great Lakes Regional Emmy competition. WFYI was named Indiana Public Television Station of the Year by the Indiana Association of Broadcasters for three consecutive years.


bobBob Williams

Special Projects Associate, WFYI-TV

Bob brings a very broad skill set born of 30 years
in media with extensive experience in production, public relations, marketing and advertising.
As a Special Projects Associate, Williams has liberally applied his experience to a variety of station endeavors from production to examining the station’s branding and imaging initiatives. Bob has been a significant force in helping Artrageous with Nate achieve a national distribution platform through American Public Television.


amyAmy Goldsmith

Vice President of Operations 

With a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, Amy is passionate about interdisciplinary education, mission-driven service, and strategic planning. She has worked in community-based health education and planning as an administrator at the Marion County Health Department and has volunteered at Indianapolis Public Schools, both in classrooms and in district-level administration. As a mother of five, she wants to ensure that her children are armed with critical thinking skills and an ability to make connections among disciplines. She hopes those tools will
help them develop creative habits and a lifelong love of learning.


markMark Lee

Director of Business Development

Mark brings over 30 years experience in upper level retail management, manufacturing, and consulting capacities. For 19 of those years, Mark has concentrated his career in the Craft & Hobby Industry. He has cultivated great skill in international leadership and has focused on building teams that have created award winning consumer products, sourcing from countries such as the USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Germany. Mark has proven his capacity to develop solid, profit producing programs in markets throughout the world. He currently owns a consulting firm, DreamSolutions Marketing, and is developing Artrageous with Nate branded art kits and materials.


kellyKelly Lucarelli

Creative Director

For over 13 years, Kelly has worked successfully with writers, designers, and account directors
to create high quality, effective marketing solutions for a variety of businesses. From ad campaigns to brand overhauls (and everything in between), she enjoys the design process and knows what it takes to deliver strong creative for Artrageous with Nate. Kelly has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Ball State University.

Throughout her career, she has designed for a variety of brands, including: SunTrust Mortgage, Charlotte Ballet, TIAA-CREF, Autism Charlotte, Time Warner Cable, Bank of America, BellSouth, Duke Energy, The Ivey, Norton, United Healthcare, Wood Designs, Dale Jarrett Ford, Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Border Concepts, Beacon Partners, YMCA of Greater Charlotte, and Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte.


joeyJoey Ponce

Product Design & Episode Development

Joey focuses on community building and cause branding and design. He creatively illustrates and advances his
clients’ identities and messages, bringing strategic design to an organization’s brand or campaign.

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Joey moved to Indianapolis in 2011 to join the design team at Angie’s List, where he worked as an Ad and Production Designer. In addition, he currently works as a designer for Achieve, a Forte Interactive company.

Joey is passionate about experiencing the vibrant culture of Indianapolis and its surrounding community. His personal illustrations include hand-drawn typography, screen-printed posters, chalkboard art, as well as large-scale murals. Joey graduated with a degree in Graphic Design & Printmaking from the University of Texas at El Paso.


katieKatie Pellerin

Interactive Media & Marketing Specialist

Currently a Mobile Strategist at Bluebridge Digital, Katie is passionate about working
with clients to create apps that truly align with their branding and communications efforts. Katie brings 6 years of experience in public relations, marketing, web-design, and branding to Artrageous. She has served both nonprofit and for profit companies, including the United Way of Central Indiana and Heartland Film Festival. Katie received her Bachelor’s in Marketing and Master’s in Public Relations from Ball State University.


jeremyJeremy Humphrey

Creative Construction Manager

An artist in his own right, Jeremy has 16 years’ experience as a contractor, specializing in wood framing. He possesses a creative passion for welding, inheriting a creative eye from his grandfather, who owned a design and decorating business. Jeremy oversees all structural designs required for filming of Artrageous episodes and for community art experiences.



adamAdam Cox

Audio Engineer

Adam arrived in the world of audio by way of a music degree, a love of technology and a desire to help people make great art. He loves working with others to create and tweaking good ideas until they become great ones. He brings great skill to Artrageous in the space where the creative and technical spheres collide. As Designer & Audio Specialist at OrangeWave Creative Media, Adam provides clients with media solutions that help them effectively reach their desired audience, including television commercials, radio commercials, websites, and original music.


AndyAndy Young

Videographer & Editor

Andy is the founder of Granola Video. A native Hoosier, he studied video design & production at Indiana University, graduating with a BA in Telecommunications. Through his work behind the camera, Andy strives to create beautiful visuals that tell powerful stories.



issacIsaac Pellerin

Advisor, Creative Marketing

Isaac is drawn to creative endeavors. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphics Design, Isaac’s career has focused on marketing, strategy, and brand identity. He brings 9 years of experience to developing engaging marketing strategies for early stage organizations. Isaac loves finding ways to communicate concepts and ideas in creative ways that engage consumers.












How You Can Help

Become a Sponsor

We are always looking for companies to partner with who also have a passion for creativity and innovation. We provide the opportunity for companies to focus not only on their brand, but their creative story through nationwide title sponsor commercial spots, graphic designs, and more. Additionally, we look to have your company presence at our many community art experiences, which take place across the country. If you would be interested in more information, please contact us.


Although we are not a nonprofit organization, we can receive financial support through our partnership with our local PBS station WFYI. The financial support we receive goes directly into funding the creation and awareness of new episodes. If you are interested in donating, please make a donation to WYFI while noting that the proceeds go to Artrageous with Nate.

Connect Us With An Artist

Do you know a talented artist with a passion for inspiring children? We’d love to interview them for our blog or feature them in an upcoming episode. Please contact us with more information and we’ll be in touch!

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You can support us by: purchasing episodes; hiring Nate to speak at your company, organization, or school;  subscribing to our blog; or following us on Facebook or Twitter.

We cannot make Artrageous with Nate a reality without a wide range of passionate people.

Please considering joining our mission to foster a generation of innovators!

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