Why Artrageous?

Artrageous with Nate is an Emmy award winning video series that strives to educate and inspire creativity in elementary-aged children through interactive lessons in art, science and history. Each episode focuses on the history of a renowned artist and their technique, demonstrates relevant scientific principles and teaches students how to apply the lesson by creating their own pieces at home or school.

Art educator Nate Heck started Artrageous with Nate in 2010 in response to the growing number of student art program budgets being cut across the country. Although school administrators are aiming to bring focus to standardized testing, research by the Americans for the Arts shows that the arts actually improve test scores, increase college graduation rates and decrease teen delinquency.

Simply put, if we want the best innovators we must teach the arts.


Artrageous with Nate‘s vision is to reach as many children, parents and teachers as possible in order to bridge this gap and foster a powerful generation of innovators. At this point, three episodes have been created and more than 20,000 kids and adults watched. We had support from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Eugene & Marilyn Glick FoundationChihuly Studio , Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, and many other companies, organizations and institutions throughout the country.


But we need your help to take our mission to the next level.

How You Can Help

About Nate

Nate Heck

Nate has been teaching art and technology to children and adults of all ages for nearly 11 years, mainly through his teaching positions at Mt. Vernon Community School District and IUPUI in Indianapolis. He is passionate about the connections among art, history, science and math and, until recently, put his passion to work in the classroom.

In an effort to combat the increasing number of arts programs being cut from schools, Nate founded Artrageous with Nate in 2010.  He has since produced three full episodes and partnered with museums and organizations across the country to assist in his goal of reaching a multitude of children, parents and teachers around the world. In May 2013, Nate left his full-time teaching job to pursue his creation Artrageous with Nate fully.

While pursing Artrageous, Nate leads workshops based on Artrageous with Nate episodes at the The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and is coordinating with the Indianapolis Museum of Art for future workshops. In addition, Nate has held positions in multimedia development, consulting, web design, design and technology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and Telecommunications from Ball State University and a Masters in Educational Technology from Indiana University.

How You Can Help

Become a Sponsor

We are always looking for companies to partner with who also have a passion for creativity and innovation. We provide the opportunity for companies to focus not only on their brand, but their creative story through nationwide title sponsor commercial spots, graphic designs, and more. Additionally, we look to have your company presence at our many community art experiences, which take place across the country. If you would be interested in more information, please contact us.


Although we are not a nonprofit organization, we can receive financial support through our partnership with our local PBS station WFYI. The financial support we receive goes directly into funding the creation and awareness of new episodes. If you are interested in donating, please make a donation to WYFI while noting that the proceeds go to Artrageous with Nate.

Connect Us With An Artist

Do you know a talented artist with a passion for inspiring children? We’d love to interview them for our blog or feature them in an upcoming episode. Please contact us with more information and we’ll be in touch!

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You can support us by: purchasing episodes; hiring Nate to speak at your company, organization, or school;  subscribing to our blog; or following us on Facebook or Twitter.

We cannot make Artrageous with Nate a reality without a wide range of passionate people.

Please considering joining our mission to foster a generation of innovators!

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If you would like more information concerning hiring Nate to speak or teach, connecting Artrageous with an artist, sponsorship opportunities, or would like to give us feedback concerning our program, please contact us.